The Cutting Edge Solution
protects your brand all the way

ACATENA is a blockchain -IoT based platform that helps wine & spirits brands to:

protect their products against counterfeit, product diversion and fraud;

gain access to detailed end-customer analytics;

improve their financials by boosting the direct-to-consumer channel.

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Authenticity protection
of the bottle just after filling
Boost Direct
to consumer sales
Get Reward
by Acatena app downloading and registering in it
Check Authenticity
of wine by tapping on tag with your mobile phone
Digital Passport

Tag your produced premium product with a unique identifier to generate an individual, reliable record of your product's future journey.

Tracking & Tracing

Follow each product individually and enable the customer and other licensed actors of the supply chain to read the product's history at any point of time.

Counterfeiting Protection

Make consumers be certain that the product is genuinely produced by you, the brand owner, and sold by licensed partners, through a secure physical-digital seal and tamper proof blockchain technology.

Customer Engagement

Transform each product into a marketing channel and reward consumers for their interactions with the product, the brand and the fine wine & spirits community

Wine & Spirits tokenization

Creates a new disintermediated & tamper proof digital marketplace for fine wine futures. Turn physical assets such as fine wines and rare whiskey into a tradable digital assets, democratizing access to wine /whiskey futures asset class.

Product Tag

Cost-effective, tailored tag to equip your premium products with a unique "ID".

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Consumer App

Free mobile app for consumers to check the history and genuinity of the product and to get rewarded by interacting with the wine & spirits brands.

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Partner App

Simple B2B app for licensed supply chain partners.

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Brand Owner: Your Dashboard

Actionable dashboard plus an app for the brand manufacturer to take action upon processed data.

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