Many industries are plagued by traceability and counterfeiting problems, which results in:

  • Threat to brand name and reputation
  • Health threats: endangering human lives
  • Loss of revenues
  • Environmental risk: wildlife, water and soil
  • Loss of jobs, lower tax collection, less fund dedicated to R&D


ACATENA is finally here to change this reality, effectively deeming fraud and counterfeiting economically unprofitable and unscalable and creating the next level of producer - end user intimacy.

Acatena is the only solution on the market able to integrate efficiently

  • Fraudulent re-filling protection
  • Traceability and grey market prevention
  • Product opening identification
  • Effective end user direct engagement
  • Instantaneous authentication of genuine products


Protect your brand and product identity against counterfeit, product diversion and fraud


Dramatically improve your financials by limiting distribution costs and boosting direct-to-consumer sales


Gain access to detailed customer insights & analytics to enhance marketing efforts and product development